Alexia Della Valle

Alexia Della Valle

Account Director

Alexia has a degree in Drama and Theatre Studies from Royal Holloway, University of London and has worked in both the Uk and Italy. Alexia initially worked in the Arts sector and then decided to move into a more business focused environment, joining back in 2007 a now well-known company called Lehman Brothers. Everyone knows how that story ended but, on the up side, it did create the right circumstances for Alexia to join Steps and finally find a job where creativity and business could work side by side. At Steps, Alexia manages the smooth running of projects from inception to completion, responding to client needs with a creative approach. She has written and managed programmes for a number of clients in the public and private sector – recent clients include Deloitte, Network Rail, BAE and Oxford University Press. She has a particular interest in developing innovative programmes that make use of social media, audio visual tools and other interactive techniques – and has taken a lead role in the design and delivery of numerous Steps conferences and large-scale client events.

When not at Steps, Alexia can usually be found watching a play somewhere off the West End or at home planning her next trip to somewhere new!

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and answers?
What book did you last read?
A Fortune-Teller told me by Tiziano Terzani. A fascinating book about a journalist who, warned by a Fortune-Teller not to fly in 1993, chooses to travels around Asia by rail, road and sea and discovers what it means to truly travel.

Best holiday/holiday recommendation?
Iceland. I would recommend this country to everyone – filled with natural wonders from geysers to waterfalls, and from glaciers to thermal pools – you are constantly encountering something different and untouched. Add to that the most helpful and friendly people and you’ll never want to leave. I recommend going in the summer so you get 23 hours of daylight!

What inspires you?
Listening to people who think outside the box and challenge the staus quo.