Farewell Marlo!

In July 2016, we bid a fond farewell to our lovely colleague, Marlo.  Marlo joined Steps in August 2005 as a freelance associate and came on board as a Project Manager in 2006 – so we have 10 years of friendship and memories to draw on as we wave her off to pastures new.  Her new adventures will see her and her young family heading off to Texas, as her partner takes on a new position.  For Marlo, it represented an opportunity to reflect and refocus and channel her energies into her family, to support them as they embark this exciting new journey.

Marlo has been an invaluable part of our team, responsible for much of our US work & some fantastic client relationships on both sides of the Atlantic.  She has also been pivotal in the recruitment and development of our talented pool of associates in the US.  Marlo is a trained life coach, and has continually put these skills to great use as a Development Manager and mentor to colleagues within Steps, as well as providing great counsel on a range of projects, both internal and external.

No Steps party would be complete without Marlo - from the get-go she was a social, team player with an infectious enthusiasm that motivates others.  In fact, many of the team remember first meeting Marlo at a social evening for associates back in 2005, and 10 years on and she is still very much the life and soul of the party including throwing herself into the Cèilidh organised for her leaving do!!  She took an active role in the Ministry of Happiness – arranging staff activities and social events, and was one of the fiercest and most competitive participants in the annual Steps pingpong tournament at Matthew’s house. 

To her clients, Marlo was a great person to have onside because of her tenacity, diligence and pride in her work – as well as her awareness of people and her strengths in empathy and effective communication.   She co-led a global diversity and inclusion programme for Vodafone Group that reached over 250 delegates across the senior leadership population, and developed teams across the world capable of delivering this programme in over 15 countries.  Marlo recently developed a leadership skills course for a global law firm, an Inclusion programme for a leading US investment bank and travelled to China to deliver a diversity programme for all staff at the University of Nottingham, Ningbo campus.  She is a highly skilled lead facilitator and script writer (both live drama and video) and has delivered at a number of events with Steps partners including Women on the Wharf and Training Journal.

Most of all, Marlo has been a fun and committed member of the Steps team – as well as a great friend – and she will be deeply missed by all of us.  We hope that, once she’s settled in her new home, there will be opportunities to work in partnership again on a freelance basis.   As we stay in touch, we will all be hoping that it’s not too long until our paths cross again and that new potential for creative collaboration lies ahead...   Good luck Marlo!


Published August 2016


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