Success at the enei Conference

Steps was delighted to join strategic partners enei (Employers Network for Equality & Inclusion) and a host of business leaders, academics and experts for this one day conference, to explore the key Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) issues and challenges facing 21st Century employers.  

Critically, enei began this day with a deliberate provocation - 'D&I isn't working.... or is it?' - giving attendees a real discussion point as soon as they entered the room and sparking lively discussion and interaction very early amongst the 200 or so delegates.

This event provided an opportunity to debate the current topics – from the need to increase female representation in senior positions to addressing wider challenges such as unconscious bias in decision-making – and to share best practice on how to integrate diversity and inclusion into an organisation's core business and service functions. 

After a morning of insightful discussion, research presentations and the leading political and theoretical approaches to D&I, interactive drama changed the dynamic.  Enacted scenarios brought a different energy to the room, engaging delegates and resulting in lively debate and challenge around how these behaviours play out in practice.

The resulting conversations raised some critical issues, including how to influence colleagues to further the D&I agenda within the organisation and how to engage senior leadership and board-level decision makers in shaping D&I strategy.

It seems that D&I is working, at least - that was the overwhelming spirit and sense within the room as HR professionals challenged themselves and each other to consider how to keep D&I on the agenda and make it current and practical for businesses in the 21st century.
To find out more about enei - please visit their website here...

Published March 2013


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