Opening Pandora's Box

Simon explores attitudes to Mental Health Awareness in the workplace after our recent award win for a programme for a client where the internal advice to leave it be and ‘not open Pandora’s Box’...
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Achieving behavioural change globally – straight from the horses’ mouths

We’re undertaking more global work than ever; operating in 21 countries in the last year alone. Our focus is on being able to tune into local cultural needs while helping our clients’ organisations build the overall change they’re reaching for. Read the words of our own team members, sharing some of the insights we’ve picked up along the way
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Challenging Gender Bias

After the recent press surrounding Google and the BBC, Rachael explores the issue of gender bias both in the workplace and in society, and what can be done to challenge these (often unconscious) biases.
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Creating a Coaching Culture

We've been working with a key client to help them create and embed a coaching culture into their business. In this blog, Project Manager Allen reflects on the challenges of creating a coaching culture for a solution based business which allows people to embrace and believe in a new way of working.
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How have text messages changed the way we communicate?

Steps isn't the only thing turning 25 this year - the first text message was sent on 3rd December 1992! Whilst on work experience with Steps, English student Zara looks into the difference text messages have made in the last 25 years, both at home and in the business world...
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Steps shortlisted for a Training Journal Award 2018!
June 2018

We're thrilled to be shortlisted with Transport for London for our Hello London programme, an engaging...

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Best of Steps: Creating a Great Customer Experience
January 2018

Join us on 7th March for our latest Best of Steps event, all about Creating a Great Customer Experience

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