August 2011

August 20th, 2011 by Jennie O'Reilly

We’ve been working on developing our new website for over 9 months now.  Back in September 2010, we started the process of searching for a supplier to work in partnership with us and we had a fantastic response from those we approached.  We finally took the decision to work with Itineris – and the process has been a true collaboration since that very first decision.

We have had a series of inspiring creative meetings, explored new avenues, considered new ideas and taken a fresh approach to our services and how we share them with the wider world.  As our global presence increases, we wanted to create a site that reflected our international capability – whilst maintaining our personality and professionalism.   Itineris have been helping us to achieve this – and we’re having a lot of fun in the process.

The development site is looking bright and clean with an energy and vibrancy to match.  We have chosen to feature our clients more prominently and individual advocacy of Steps is also a major element within the new site.   There are also lots of multi-media options for finding out more about Steps and our work – lots of new imagery, video and audio - which we’ll be updating all the time.  We have this blog too – a first for us!

We’ll be back in touch next month when the new site is live.  Not long now…


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