December 2013

December 10th, 2013 by Gary Bates

Feedback – what’s your favourite model?

I was observing a session on one of our Management Development programmes a couple of weeks ago in Leeds. The ability to give effective feedback is critical for any people manager – in fact many people believe that feedback and development of people is a manager’s key priority. During the break, I got into discussion with our facilitator Brad about feedback models and which we thought was the best. There are so many to choose from – AID, SAID, BOF, EEC, BOOST, STAR, PEAR.... I could go on.

But my particular favourite is one that we created here at Steps (I think, happy to be challenged on that??) – FEED. Why is it my favourite? Well, it’s easy to remember because the acronym links strongly to the topic (which is probably one of the reasons why GROW is the most widely used model of coaching).   Also, it contains the first element which many of the other models lack –

‘F’ = Frame the conversation – Prepare, create the right environment, set the appropriate tone from the start, be clear why you are meeting.
After that the model follows the pattern you would expect:

‘E’ = Examples/Evidence - Describe specific behavior. Avoid judgemental language or generalisations. eg. “you’re always late”, or,”you’ve got a poor attitude…”
Be clear – Tell them what you saw, heard, read. Eg. “you were late on 15 & 17 September…” or “The client fed back to me on Wednesday that…”

‘E’ = Effect – Discuss the effect or impact of what the person has done (or not done) on colleagues, customers, you the manager, the business and (often most importantly) themselves and their development.
Sometimes people are genuinely unaware of the impact of their actions. Very few people consciously act in an irrational way.

Invite the person to respond and LISTEN – let them put their point of view across.

‘D’ = Do differently/Develop. Discuss what they can do differently to improve performance? Or, if it’s positive feedback, what can they develop further? Ask, rather than tell (using a coaching approach).

So FEED your people, and they will take it BACK into the workplace and grow.

What’s your favourite?


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