June 2014

June 16th, 2014 by Simon Thomson

As the growth of our work in the States accelerates so does the need to invest further in the development of our associate team out there.  And what a team they are! We are some 4 years into developing an associate team in the States - allowing us to deliver consistent, high quality solutions using 'local' facilitators.

A few years ago we began tapping into our networks to establish a pool of folk across the States that we would be proud to call Steps associates. Via recommendation and word of mouth that team has grown considerably. This June, Marlo and I spent time in New York deepening our relationship with a cross section of associates - many of whom are already delivering work for us on a regular basis.

We spent two days developing the skills and confidence of a group of already hugely talented actor/facilitators in a variety of different methodologies.  But we didn't just want to provide further development - we wanted to really engage them in the whole 'business' of Steps - to create a visceral connection to the work we do globally and to create a deeper understanding of how we do that. We shared a prezi presentation that focused on the who, what, why, where and when of the Steps business and showed examples of the media work we create to offer scalability and help deliver work globally. Critically, we also wanted to give them the opportunity to ask questions and feedback to us on how they thought Steps could develop what we do and how we do it.  This kind of two-way dialogue keeps Steps' thinking fresh and allows us to learn from the skills and knowledge of our global talent pool.

As ever with Steps, I continue to be amazed at the good fortune we have in meeting the kind of associates we do. It was an absolute pleasure engaging with everyone that we worked with - and, dare I say, fun. Without exception they are polite, engaged, intelligent, talented and curious. They made it so easy to explore and develop skill sets through their willingness to learn and adapt. It's our intention to continue to develop and invest in all of our team out there, with further trips planned later this year and next. 

I thoroughly enjoyed myself and my sense is, this was true for everyone we worked with - not a bad thing to experience in your working life!

Some of these associates continued to work with Marlo and I later in the week when we delivered a 'cross cultural' programme for a global reinsurance firm in Connecticut. Top work for a great client. Oh, and we managed to rehearse a programme for a Washington based law firm too. Throw in a couple of new client meetings and the result was a packed but very satisfying week for Marlo and I.

All set against a back drop of the Stanley Cup - the event in the ice hockey world, Basketball finals and of course, the opening of the world cup. We were exhausted!

And we will be back - very soon!


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