May 2014

May 10th, 2014 by Jennie O'Reilly & Robbie Swales

The founders of Steps: Richard, Janet and Robbie, met while role playing for the student doctors at Guy’s Hospital Medical School. They played over-talkative patients, silent patients and patients who had to hear some bad news about their state of health. A meeting place had had to be selected where the actors could assemble on the morning of these Communication Skills Courses. It was finally decided that the most convenient, and easily found, location was the flight of steps up to the main entrance of the medical school. Actors would receive a communication ‘Please meet us on the steps of the medical school…’   

And those ‘Steps’ brought us to where we are today.

Named as one of the InnerCity 100 (the top 100 fastest growing businesses in London), we have continued to grow our team, our client list and our global capability. Steps has a team of 22 permanent staff, operating from offices in London Bridge and Pune, India - and we work with a team of over 120 professionally trained, CIPD accredited, associate Actor-Facilitators to deliver training programmes for global clients in the UK and Internationally.  We have associates in regional locations across the UK and in selected regions across the world, combining world class skills and experience with local expertise...

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We are a small organisation with big ideas and we thrive in conversation. Please contact us if you are looking for creative ways to inspire your people to act differently.


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