Interactive Drama
Interactive Drama A brilliant solution to collectively explore better practice in a safe and highly engaging environment. Find out more
Engaging Facilitators Highly skilled with a wealth of knowledge and experience gained within business environments. Find out more
Steps Media
Steps Media A unique and highly successful way of delivering a consistent message and engaging large audiences. Find out more
Role Play
Creative Role Play We facilitate objective and constructive feedback which concentrates on the impact of the participant’s behaviour. Find out more
Scripted Drama
Scripted Drama A fantastic way to start a session and get the energy going with groups large or small. Find out more
Events and Conferences
Events and Conferences Using drama at a one-off event, get people laughing, get them engaged, get them thinking, get them learning. Find out more
Simulated environments Careful, tailored planning will result in a high impact event that is meaningful, energising and thought-provoking. Find out more
Evaluation and Return On Investment (ROI)
Evaluation & Return On Investment We recognise that focussed evaluation and demonstrable ROI is crucial to any learning and development initiative. Find out more

Our approach

How we do it? First and foremost, with energy, with fun, with creativity – but always with a clear focus on your learning objectives, long term evaluation measures and our 4-stage Steps to Change model. 

Everything we do is bespoke.  We don’t make assumptions, we research.  We create a programme in complete partnership with you, that truly reflects the culture of your organisation. 

Our team are not only brilliant actors, they are highly skilled facilitators.  It’s about using drama as a springboard for discussion and debate, bringing behaviours, models and theories to life.

We have developed a range of creative methods to do this, via live workshops and scalable media

See what we do
in action...

From interactive theatre to roleplay - this video will give a flavour of our key methodologies.

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