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Coaching is one of the most powerful developmental techniques available and can be valuable for individuals at all stages of the behaviour change process (what we call the Steps to Change). 

Our large team of qualified and experienced coaches can offer a wide range of coaching services. We work with teams, groups and individuals to support the embedding of skills and culture change, facilitate personal team development, tackle problematic behaviours and ease career transitions. We can provide a team of coaches working to a common brief or a single coach to work one to one with an individual, including at senior leadership level. 

Specific coaching techniques we provide include:

  • Team coaching in support of change programmes
  • Skills practice with groups
  • Action learning
  • Executive coaching
  • Drop-in coaching sessions
  • In-house coaching sets
  • 1:1 bespoke coaching
  • Personal impact
  • Presentations
  • Voice coaching
When bringing about organisational change, coaching is very useful at the 'Change It' stage and perhaps most powerful (indeed we believe irreplaceable) at the 'Live It' stage. This is when people need ongoing support to implement and embed the changes long term so that they become habitual to their everyday lives. 

Our coaches are drawn from a wide range of backgrounds - from professional actors and learning specialists to senior business people. We have an established process for ensuring that the coach/coachee chemistry is right, a business-centred focus to ensure desired outcomes are clear from the start and a stringent evaluation process.

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Quote Mark In-house coaching sets are a very good experience. You gain a lot from talking and listening to your colleagues. Quote Mark Participant Feedback, Manager, Co-Op Funeralcare
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