Events and Conferences

Events and Conferences

Get people laughing, get them engaged, get them thinking, get them learning. Using drama at a one-off event is a great stimulant for discussion and participation, as well as offering a dynamic change of energy.

Whether for an hour long session or a whole day, it works brilliantly with groups of all sizes.  We have successfully created scripted dramas and interactive dramas that have engaged up to several hundred people.  We can also facilitate exercises, games and interactive voting technology to engage people in different ways and enrich the learning experience.

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At a large scale launch event

We delivered an 18 month management development programme for managers at the Co-operative Group. See what happened at the launch event...

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Collaborating with ENEI

on their Annual Conference...

Steps joined strategic partners enei ( the Employers Network for Equality & Inclusion) as speakers at their annual conference.  Alongside other thought leaders, business experts and specialists, we brought the Diversity & Inclusion agenda to life, exploring it's relevance and significance for 21st century businesses.