Interactive Drama

Interactive Drama

Performance management, customer servicedifficult conversations - whatever the behavioural challenge, interactive drama is a brilliant solution to collectively explore better practice in a safe and highly engaging  environment.

How does it work?  The Actor-Facilitators start a scenario, one of them comes out of the scenario to ask the group for help, they facilitate debate and discussion with the group and then take the advice back into the scene.   Simple, and very effective for exploring subtle and complex issues in detail. The learning comes from individuals seeing the impact of their behaviours being played out (for better or worse!)

This works with small or large groups, and at all levels – from senior executives to front-line staff.

Quote Mark With Steps, it is as close to real as you can get. Their forum approach engages and challenges the delegates to discuss and debate their role and consider the best way forward. The feedback from this programme shows we are providing powerful training that results in memorable learning Quote Mark Sue Cohen, Senior Training Manager, Grant Thornton
So, how does a
Steps session work?

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Bringing Inclusive Leadership to life

Steps worked in partnership with Vodafone and consultants Schneider~Ross to develop a pioneering approach...

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