Long Lasting Change

Embedding the Change

We believe that long lasting behavioural change, whether individual or organisational, will only happen through a four stage journey. 

Before any change can take place, the first step is for people to become aware of their own behaviours and start imagining how they could different. They must then be in a position to accept responsibility for their behaviours and be personally prepared to try and make those changes. Following this, they should then have the opportunity to actively explore and practise new ways to be, to think and to behave in certain situations, and finally find ways to habituate these changes into their ongoing everyday lives.

Put more simply, they must  See it > Own it > Change it > Live it.

We call this the Steps to Change and we believe that two learning techniques are essential tools on this developmental journey:

  • The use of drama, particularly to enable people to see and own the transformation.
  • And coaching, particularly to help people change behaviour and live it.

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Quote Mark I felt that Steps understood what we needed and I really liked the sense of team spirit - it felt like a true partnership. I was worried about our short timescales, but you gave me confidence from the beginning that it could happen and that it would be a success - which it was. It was a pleasure to work on this project... Quote Mark Paula Rochford, Learning & Development - North Sea Region, BP
Steps' Innovative Approach
in action

This video will give you a flavour of our interactive techniques and why they deliver results...

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