Role Play

Role Play

Roleplay has been a mainstay technique within learning and development for a number of years and Steps has a rich history of delivering roleplay programmes for a range of clients.  Over the years, we have built on the roleplay tradition to create an altogether more sophisticated and impactful technique that we now call ‘one to one skills practice’.

One to one skills practice provides a unique opportunity for individuals to practise their learning and develop their skills through an as-real interaction with an experienced actor-facilitator and then receive detailed, constructive feedback.  Individual engagement with learning on this highly practical level is invaluable in terms of building self awareness, self reflection and a commitment to understanding behaviour change in context.  

There are two broad approaches:  ‘Briefed skills practice’ or ‘Bespoke/Personalised skills practice’.  Both deliver a level of intricacy and immediacy that is hard to achieve with any other technique. Character and situations develop as the session progresses – with individuals invited to engage on a far deeper level – understanding the motivations of the character they are interacting with and gaining a greater understanding of behaviours in a situational learning context.  

Our capability is such that we are frequently asked to work at senior executive, partner and CEO level within leading organisations – working with individuals to develop their skills across a range of subjects.  We regularly deliver global one to one skills practice programmes in multiple languages – adapting the challenge to suit the cultural backdrop and global context.

One to one skills practice can be used within an assessment environment (with an assessor present) to measure capabilities/skills or within small peer groups – providing an opportunity for the sharing of best practice and peer to peer development. The technique often forms part of a wider development programme – using interactive drama to explore issues with larger groups and then focusing the learning at a more individual level.
Increasingly we are utilising technology to further add to the immediacy of the experience – by filming roleplays and encouraging individuals to review their interaction to better understand where they can improve.  This technique works virtually too, engaging global teams and remote workers, by conducting one to one skills practice and detailed feedback and coaching via video conference.

Our approach is highly versatile and can be adapted to suit a range of subjects – but skills practice is very effective in the following areas:

Feedback Skills
Personal Impact
Coaching Conversations
Difficult Messages
Professional Conduct
Team Development
Managing Risk

Quote Mark Steps have exceeded our expectations in all areas of delivery and learning outcomes. They have translated complex issues into accessible and engaging activities and won over a very hard to please audience in the process! Quote Mark Alastair Low, Programme Development Manager, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
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Management Command & Communication

Steps partner with RNLI to build the communication and conflict management skills of operational staff...

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