Scripted Drama

Scripted Drama

Scripted drama is a fantastic way to start a session and get the energy going with groups large or small. It quickly engages hearts and minds, addressing complex issues in a safe environment.  This is not only great fun, but provides an opportunity for real debate, discussion and sharing of best practice.

Created from a careful and thorough process of research and development, the scripts we develop will hold up a mirror to organisational reality.  The characters portrayed, language used and situations brought to life will be powerful and credible for participants - reflecting their working practice and leading to greater levels of learner engagement. 

At the end of the scene, the Facilitator leads the delegates in identifying and discussing the issues and behaviours.  There is also the opportunity for the characters to be ‘hot seated’ (i.e. questioned and challenged directly by the delegates). This enables everyone in the room to explore the challenges, develop a common understanding and start to focus on the desirable behaviours which will achieve real change.

Quote Mark The Steps team was excellent, delivering real-life scenarios that you could relate to. The interaction with the audience was very thought provoking and engaging - a really good training tool for managers. Quote Mark Delegate, Grasping the Nettle, Source: Feedback 2011
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