Steps to Change

Steps to Change 3

See it > Own it > Change it > Live it

A Steps programme aims to take participants on the following developmental journey:

See it
Seeing their working culture played out before them and identifying themselves within it. Discovering what better behaviours and practices would be in those situations. Interactive drama techniques (such as ice-breakers, forum scenarios and hot-seating), scripted drama and simulation are uniquely powerful techniques in holding up a mirror to their organisation’s reality.

Own it
Recognising the unhelpful behaviours and wanting to change them. Understanding what this means to their roles, teams and organisations. Drama engages people emotionally. Facilitated discussions stimulate debate and challenge different mindsets.

Change it
Gaining insight into different behaviours and learning how to adopt new ones. Skills development activities (such as bespoke role play, coaching and action planning) enable participants to practise new behaviours and experience how the changes would benefit them.

Live it

Embedding the new behaviours into their ways of working. Follow-up activities (such as ongoing coaching sets, personal coaching, media resources and other materials) help support the process of continuous improvement and self reflection.  There are also steps you can take as an organisation to measure how this behaviour change is effectively embedded into organisational culture.

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Quote Mark “The partnership has worked really well. The Steps team was so enthusiastic, they really caught the excitement of what we wanted to achieve, It’s been a really excellent partnership, we’ve enjoyed it - and it’s been a fantastically valuable learning experience...” Quote Mark Karen West, Archbishops' Adviser on Bishops' Ministry, Church of England
Steps to Change

A case study of our work and approach to behaviour change

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How we bring about
Behavioural Change

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