A Global Reinsurer

Personality Profiling with a global reinsurer

Steps delivered a video learning resource for use within a company-wide training initiative, across the UK and USA offices.

Steps has worked with our client, a global reinsurance and risk management company, since 2008. We were recently commissioned to create a video learning resource for use within a company-wide training programme. This resource needed to appeal to managers across the business, including those within the UK and USA offices.

This leading reinsurer needed to engage a team to create something fresh and dynamic – whilst still hitting the learning objectives. Steps was delighted to rise to the challenge, using careful research to ensure consistency and resonance and to capture the authentic voice of our client’s people. As a global business, requiring a global approach, the diversity of Steps’ team allowed us to fully and credibly reflect the global make-up of the company.

We began with a collaborative approach, working with client stakeholders to develop a script aligned to learning outcomes and coloured by the findings of our research. We chose to make the content universal through presenting generic workplace situations and behaviours – to ensure the longevity of the programme and its successful application across the business.

The video resource focused on raising awareness of workplace behaviours and their impact on interactions with others. What can you do to make your exchange with colleagues and clients more effective? How can you adapt your communication style to better engage recipients? How can individual commitment drive a change in team dynamics, improve decision making and lead to superior performance? The resource asked some fundamental questions and introduced some key models and theories but, critically, it also allowed viewers to reflect on their own behaviours and attitudes and consider their own approach to particular situations.

Feedback was resoundingly positive, and so successful was this project that we are considering an exciting longer-term partnership with this client, to explore the commercial viability of this resource within a wider market.

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