Network Rail

Health & Safety: A Behavioural Perspective

Steps has been partnering with Network Rail to create an engaging Health & Safety video learning tool with a difference....

The organisation was keen to drive home the importance of health and safety within the working environment - but wanted delegates specifically to explore the behaviours and micro-messages that impact the creation of a health & safety-focused culture.

Have a look at our short video to learn more about the project and hear directly from our client about the impact of this work.

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Quote Mark It's been very good working with Steps. Very professional. The way that you can jump from scene to scene and still keep a 'thread' - I don't know how you do it. It's the real deal! Quote Mark Bill Cooke, Behaviour Change Specialist, Network Rail
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Network Rail wanted to create a unique video learning tool to drive home the importance of a behaviour-based approach to Health & Safety...

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