Extraordinary Teams Inclusiveness

Engaging EY’s dynamic workforce in understanding the impact of inclusive behaviours in the workplace

EY engaged Steps to design and deliver an educational, fun and interactive session, focusing on inclusiveness in the workplace, suitable for a large conference audience.


  • Raise awareness of different perspectives and their impact on the workplace
  • Understand the concept of inclusive leadership and how it affects the performance of a team
  • Uncover ways in which inclusive behaviours can impact people at personal and team level
  • Identify practical ways to increase inclusive behaviours

  • The ultimate aim was to explore how inclusiveness impacted on working with clients, team working and managing others.

    Our Approach:

    Working closely with the Diversity & Inclusiveness team at EY, Steps designed several scenarios around typical inclusive behaviours in the office, ensuring the situations presented felt real and resonated with the EY participants. In order to keep such a large audience engaged, we created a blend of video and live drama scenarios. The videos allowed us to clearly convey micro-behaviours to the whole room, and we then created further engagement through live scenarios and interaction with the characters that the participants had seen on screen.

    We delivered the session four times to a total of 1600 people.


    "Really enjoyable and unusual session. Very interesting to see how behaviours can be interpreted so differently and watch the impact small changes can have on the team performance" - Participant feedback

    "It’s been good....We’ve got a really rich range of video clips and we want to make full use of those" - Client feedback


    Quote Mark Steps are very organised. They organise me, which helps me to organise other people - and that’s been the key to getting the session delivered in the time available. Quote Mark Tina Mason, Associate Director, D&I, EY
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    Engaging EY’s dynamic workforce in understanding the impact of inclusive behaviours in the workplace.

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