Regulatory and Compliance

Regulatory and Compliance

Regulation and compliance within organisations is a necessary evil. It’s important that staff and management teams understand specific policies to ensure their actions aren’t in breach of any laws, regulations, contractual obligations or internal standards.

This is becoming increasingly difficult to manage with the evolution of new business practices. Management teams face a new challenge of implementing updated policies that protect the business without being restrictive. The introduction of inclusive working environments is one trend that organisations are implementing, and with that change comes greater regulation.

Through drama based training, Steps is able to address some of these emerging challenges as well as the more mainstream issues, in an engaging and interactive format. Our experiential development programmes enable delegates to be part of an active, immersive experience rather than passive, traditional classroom based training. Crucially, our approach allows people to experience the behavioural issues associated with upholding compliance measures and the subtleties and nuances that can cause challenge.

Benefits of Regulatory & Compliance training

Utilising our team of actors and facilitators we are able to simulate real world scenarios where possible outcomes are reviewed, prioritised and improved.

We have developed innovative, experiential programmes that breathe life into subjects including:

  • Managing within the Law
  • Operational Risk Awareness
  • Employment Law
  • Disciplinary & Grievance
  • Safeguarding Recruitment
  • Bribery

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It’s essential that we identify and understand the regulatory & compliance issues that are unique to your organisation in order to develop a credible programme. Steps will work in partnership with you to understand your business, objectives and challenges in order to create an interactive, 'as-real' learning experience that brings policy off the page.

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Quote Mark Steps have exceeded our expectations in all areas of delivery and learning outcomes. They have translated complex issues into accessible and engaging activities and won over a very hard to please audience in the process! Quote Mark Alastair Low, Programme Development Manager, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
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