Values & Ethics

Values & Ethics

Every day there seems to be a new headline questioning workplace values and ethics - misconduct in the banking sector, the horsemeat scandal, mis-sold PPI, whistleblowing in the NHS, the parliamentary expenses issue, the list goes on... Most organisations have a statement of values or ethical principles – usually found on the wall, hidden on the company website and buried in Annual Reports. The question is can they be found in people’s hearts? Are they found in people’s actions? And what do these principles mean in the day-to-day complexity of decision making? 

If you want these values and principles to truly live in the organisation and guide behaviour, there is ONE issue to address above all others. Everyone in the organisation must know that management really means it. Ultimately, that means that everyone in the organisation should be able to point at recent decisions and actions of management that illustrate and uphold those values.

Benefits of Values & Ethics Training

The first vital initial step to be taken is to engage everyone in exploring and illuminating what these principles mean in practice. The most effective way to achieve that is by open and honest collective discussion of actual or possible scenarios. Steps’ sessions play out (in a safe environment) everyday ethical dilemmas and situations that 'test' organisational values. The participants are given permission to explore and to challenge - through the use of forum drama - acquiring a vocabulary for raising issues and questioning decisions without being confrontational or fearful of the outcome. The result is a more open and honest workplace culture and a team that has shared sight of the organisational values and a collective sense of ethical business practice.

We can advise and support you with a range of effective approaches, both live and video-based:

  • Live sessions challenging cross-sections of your people to explore and respond to real-life values issues in the organisation
  • Video scenarios supported by work-place leaders’ guides so that similar discussions can be had in every work team throughout your organisation
  • Specific training around particular issues (e.g. the Bribery Act) or for particular groups (such as Compliance teams)

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Quote Mark Steps got to the heart of our issues and translated these into a script that nailed the critical issues. Our managers were delighted with the approach, which was more powerful than training they had been exposed to in the past. The workshops have been a real talking point. Quote Mark Linsey Perry, Professional Development Manager, Network Rail
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