Client / Customer Service

In a crowded marketplace offering ever-increasing client and customer choice, an organisation’s greatest asset is often not their product or service, but their people.  Put simply people, and their interactions with customers and clients, are now an organisation’s greatest differentiator.

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What does great service look like?

When thinking about client and customer service, organisations often begin with brand and what they want their ‘brand experience’ to look and feel like for their customers.  There might be service standards, scripts, targets – measurable ‘processes’ that go some way to quantifying what good service should look like.

We instead focus on individuals and the behaviours they display to help shape the client and customer experience.

Putting Clients and Customers at the heart

We immerse ourselves in your world so we come to understand the unique service challenges that you, your customers and your people face.

We use drama (video or live) ­­­­­ to show credible client/customer interactions, helping individuals to see the impact of their behaviours (for better or for worse) within each situation, as well as providing them with a language and confidence to tackle challenging situations when they arise.

We focus heavily on practical skills development – but often introduce theoretical knowledge, such as questioning techniques, personality profiling and transactional analysis, where we feel it can enhance learner understanding.


Customer service programmes, more than any other, require a flexible and creative approach, taking into account shift patterns and varying schedules.  We can provide scalable options to suit your workforce and your business, from large scale rollouts at times to suit your people, to the design and delivery of fantastic video and digital learning materials which learners can access remotely.  And we’ll work with you to ensure that everything is in place post-programme to support your people, reinforce the learning and make service excellence business as usual.