The use of high impact, engaging drama is at the heart of everything we do.

We use drama– both live and through the use of media – to challenge thinking, create debate, inform, explore theory in practice and test out ideas, in a way that’s honest, engaging and enjoyable.

To bring about behavioural change, you first have to ‘see’ the behaviours as they are currently, you then have to commit to ‘owning’ the need for change, before developing a new way of doing things. For us, the drama-based techniques that we have honed and developed over the last 25+ years are the most powerful way of achieving that change.

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The benefits of using drama

  • It brings into the room issues that need to be talked about (e.g. unconscious bias, difficult behaviours, etc) in a highly engaging way;
  • It holds up the mirror – enabling people to see (and often laugh at) the sort of limiting behaviours that are actually happening in their own organisation;
  • It packs an emotional “punch” – people are able to witness their own behaviours and the impact they have;
  • It is highly practical – it focuses on things that can be easily seen, understood and therefore participants are able to identify what behaviours they need to change;
  • It encourages critical thinking, active problem solving and a shared sense of purpose
  • It is suitable for all learning styles and across languages and cultures.


  • Our work is challenging, but people are not made to feel uncomfortable or exposed by the techniques we use; they are only ever asked to be themselves.
  • Consistency and authenticity is key. The same team delivering multiple sessions might be most appropriate for the consistency of message, whereas local teams in Europe, Asia and the US may be needed in order to best represent your regional needs and cultures. We will use our experience of global roll outs to get the approach right for you.
  • There are lots of different ways to achieve your outcomes. It may be that we use one approach for one part of your business and a different approach for others (for example, we use video and media techniques to enable scalability and reinforcement).

We thrive on conversation and are happy to explore ways to get the approach right for you.