Coaching is one of the most powerful developmental techniques available and can be enormously effective in bringing about real and long lasting behaviour change.

The solutions we provide can be to:

  • Equip your people to coach to improve others’ career development and business performance
  • Provide coaches to work with teams, groups or individuals to support the embedding of skills and culture change, to facilitate personal and team development, to tackle problematic behaviours and to ease career transitions.
coaching behavior change

Coaching techniques

Specific coaching techniques we provide include:

  • High impact ‘how-to’ programmes to build coaching skills
  • Team coaching in support of change programmes
  • Skills practice with groups
  • Action learning and in-house coaching sets
  • Executive coaching
  • Drop-in coaching sessions
  • 1:1 bespoke coaching
  • Personal impact
  • Videos and digital materials to demonstrate good coaching practice

Highly qualified team

Our large team of highly qualified coaches and coaching facilitators are drawn from a wide range of backgrounds – experienced business people, full-time coaches, actors and learning specialists. We can work across cultures and in local languages.

Often the most powerful solutions involve combining coaching with other high-impact techniques including drama and digital media. But our starting point is always to understand your needs and agree outcomes so as to provide exceptional value for money.