How We Do It

We approach what we do with creativity, passion and with a desire to work in partnership with our clients in order to maximise the achievement of lasting behaviour change.

Over 25 years experience in learning and development has taught us, above all else, that behaviour change is a journey.  Our Steps to Change methodology upholds this belief – with the understanding that learners need to See and Own the behaviours they are currently displaying before they can Change and Live new ones.

unconscious bias training

Drama is at the heart of what we do. We believe drama is unrivalled in its ability to reflect organisational reality and is uniquely powerful in representing the behaviours, characters and challenges that commonly hold organisations back. However, there is no single way to achieve your outcomes. Whether it is engaging your Leadership Team or developing an initiative that needs to reach many thousands of people globally, we use a variety of highly effective experiential approaches, all of which are entirely bespoke and outcome-focused.

Steps to Change

Our Steps to Change methodology uses creative techniques appropriate to each stage of the change process, helping your people to:

See It – to see with fresh eyes what is happening now and to explore how it could be better

Own It – to become enthusiastic to develop their own skills and change their ways of working

Change It – to acquire the new skills and ways of working that they need

Live It – embed these new ways of working for the long term


Working with us is fun, friendly and professional – just ask our clients!  We are always happy to put you in touch. Likewise, we are always happy to help you think things through – over a coffee or in an informal environment.  We love a challenge and thrive on conversation, so if there’s something we can work through together, let’s talk!

I had a stunning experience with Steps and I’m looking forward to the next initiative with them.

Ashish Peshave
Senior HR Associate, ZS Associates

One of the most engaging days I’ve had in terms of training

Andy Holston
Area Manager, London Convenience, Tesco

It’s been really interesting. Enlightening. Steps ‘get out’ of people a different type of learning. Our people have taken to it greatly – the feedback has been terrific…

Sue Morgan
Head of HR, Church of England