Inclusive Leadership at Tesco

Steps partners with Tesco to help them define and explore what Inclusion means to their people…

With over 500,000 team members worldwide and 350,000 based here in the UK, Tesco is at an exciting point in its growth and vision. In line with current strategy, they are looking at creative and innovative ways to reach their people and raise awareness of diversity, inclusion and unconscious bias and its impact on colleagues and customers.


The Journey

Against a fast-paced retail backdrop and with employees working different shifts and having different access to learning platforms – Tesco has a distinct challenge in creating a consistent message and building a shared understanding of what Diversity & Inclusion means for them and their people. Steps has been working with them to explore where to start on this exciting journey…

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One of the most engaging days I’ve had in terms of training

Andy Holsten
Area Manager, London Convenience, Tesco