Simon Thomson

Account Director

Simon is a director of Steps and has been working with drama and learning for most of his career. Whilst working as an actor, Simon worked extensively with both young people and the homeless community making work that helped build confidence and raise self-esteem. He ran his own award winning company, The Fat Story Shop and began working with Steps in 1999. He has subsequently led work with numerous local and global organisations including Deloitte, the Co-op, HSBC and Oxford University Press, providing learning solutions that engage both at senior leader level and firm wide.

He has a passion for CSR, diversity and inclusion and is currently on the board of the London Bubble Theatre Company. Simon oversees much of Steps' work in the US - engaging with US clients and developing our team of skilled and experienced associates. He recently left London with his family and now lives in Salisbury. He loves wandering around on Dartmoor and boring his kids with endless stories of what a great actor he was…..


About Simon Thomson

What could you not live without?

Digital radio...

Best holiday/holiday recommendation?

Messing about in the waves in SW France.

If I won the lottery I would…

Spend some. Save some.

Simon Thomson

8 August 2018