Values and Ethics

An organisation’s values and ethical standards represent who they are and the way they do business. You would expect (and need!) your people to uphold organisational values and to follow your commitment to high ethical standards. It’s also likely to be demanded of you by your governing or regulatory body.

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Tick-box compliance?

The need to ‘demonstrate’ compliance means that many Values and Ethics programmes can be seen as achieving little more than virtue signalling or tick-box compliance. People may understand the policies, they may be better aware of the expectations and risks, but what’s often lacking is the practical knowledge of how to tackle situations that are often challenging and complex, and the confidence to have the conversation when it’s needed.

Our Approach

Our work in Values & Ethics is designed to be very practical. We bring to life an exploration of what your frameworks (and the associated legal requirements) look like in a real life context.  By holding a mirror up to the current behaviours and building commitment to individual ownership, we help people to identify and work through challenging situations and to develop the vocabulary to raise issues openly and safely.

We work in partnership with you to ensure that the new skills and practices are reinforced and embedded so they become the established way of doing things in your organisation moving forward.


Issues related to Values & Ethics impact everyone in your organisation. Our programmes can be developed so that the whole organisation, not just virtuous pockets, live your values. We can help you achieve this through global, multi-cultural, multi-language live roll-outs or through the highly impactful use of video and media, which can be accessed independently or delivered online or by your own people, with appropriate guidance materials.